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saving harry and snape from the dark lord

(that would be jkr)

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I'm Dolores Crane. I've written a few Harry/Snape stories, which will all be linked from posts here eventually. In RL I'm a cultural/literary-studies academic with a strong interest in theory, especially feminism, queer theory and theories of textuality and reception. I like thinking about how we make meanings out of texts, and how we make room for ourselves - especially for the marginalized or othered aspects of our selves - in fiction. I've published a little bit about this and hope to publish more about it in future.

The link between my RL name and Dolores Crane is a matter of public record, but I'm not going to link to my staff page or my official blog, or use my RL name, here, in a sort of futile and flimsy separation between my fannish and RL voices and personae. Obviously, though, it would be pretty stupid to post anything here that I wasn't prepared to have attributed to my real name, so there won't be anything very personal here.

If you know any of my other online identities, I would rather not have them linked to this account.
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